Appendix: Timeline of key events

Inquiry into Waikato District Health Board’s procurement of services from HealthTap.
October 2014 The Chair and the Chief Executive talk with a professor from the United States who suggests that they look at HealthTap.
October/November 2014 The Chair visits HealthTap in California.
March 2015 The Chief Executive visits HealthTap in California.
28 March 2015 HealthTap sends the Chief Executive and Chair a draft letter of intent to enter into an agreement by April 2015.
11 April 2015 HealthTap sends a draft agreement to Waikato DHB, with an intention that the contract be concluded and signed by the end of April 2015.
April 2015 Waikato DHB's internal and external advisers provide advice about the proposed agreement.
21 April 2015 Waikato DHB prepares a draft procurement plan.
Mid-April/June 2015 Waikato DHB and HealthTap discuss the nature and terms of the contract to address the risks and make the HealthTap platform suitable to New Zealand environment.
4 June 2015 Waikato DHB's Chief Information Officer calls HealthTap's Chief Executive to find out some information for due diligence checks.
22 June 2015 The Board is briefed about discussions between the Chief Executive and the Chief Information Officer with a United States-based organisation about virtual care.
24 June 2015 The Board meeting at which virtual care and a memorandum about virtual care are discussed.
9 July 2015 The Board's workshop about virtual care.
22 July 2015 The Board's meeting at which the Strategic Business Case for Virtual Care is discussed and the Board approves "moving towards a virtual care service as a strategic objective" and supports negotiating a satisfactory contract with HealthTap and, if that was possible, establishing a virtual care service on its platform.
August/September 2015 Negotiations continue about the terms of the contract.
23 September 2015 The Chief Executive reports to the Board that a steering group has been set up and that it will meet weekly.
24 September 2015 An agreement is signed between HealthTap and Waikato DHB, and 60-day implementation period begins.
28 October 2015 The Chief Executive provides the Board with a paper providing an overview and progress of the "virtual care programme". That update includes the fact that a two-year agreement has been signed with HealthTap, discussions have been had with Hauraki Primary Health Organisation and Māori Health Services about using the services, and an Executive Director, Virtual Care and Innovation has been appointed. This paper notes that one of the next steps is the "completion of the business requirements document, service design and privacy impact assessment".

The Board requests that future reporting include how the project is tracking against budget, achievements, and a benefits analysis.
25 November 2015 The Chief Executive provides a verbal briefing that a pilot of the programme will start in 2016, a system is in final testing, and the Virtual Care team has visited HealthTap in California.
28 March 2018 The Board resolves not to renew the contract with HealthTap on the expiry of the contract in May 2018.