Improving financial reporting in the public sector.

This report is dedicated to Tony Dale and Kevin Simpkins, without whom the recent history of New Zealand accounting would be very different.

Tony was the chief executive officer of the External Reporting Board (XRB) and one of our alumni. During the last five years or so, Tony devoted his energy to the new Accounting Standards Framework, which is the subject of this report. New Zealand now has accounting standards for public benefit entities because of Tony's intellect, passion for the public sector, and unflagging work to improve accounting here and throughout the world.

Kevin was the Deputy Controller and Auditor-General from 2002 to 2005. He was one of the gurus of accounting in New Zealand and internationally. He served on a significant number of accounting boards and committees here and abroad. Kevin was the first chairman of the XRB and was responsible for developing the new Accounting Standards Framework in New Zealand. Kevin had the vision, drive, and mana to lead a significant change to financial reporting in New Zealand.

Tony and Kevin will be sadly missed.