Appendix 1: Major reports published in 2014/15

Annual Report 2014/15.
Reports funded from multi-class output: Statutory auditor function
Performance audits
Effectiveness of arrangements for co-ordinating civilian maritime patrols ‒ follow-up article (published 4/7/14)
Inland Revenue Department: Making it easy for taxpayers to comply ‒ follow-up article (published 4/7/14)
Public entities' progress in implementing the Auditor-General's recommendations 2014 (published 22/7/14)
Ministry of Social Development: How it deals with complaints (published 12/8/14)
Accident Compensation Corporation: How it deals with complaints (published 12/8/14)
New Zealand Transport Agency: Maintaining and renewing the state highway network ‒ follow-up report (published 10/10/14)
Accident Compensation Corporation: Using a case management approach to rehabilitation (published 5/11/14)
Ministry of Social Development: Using a case management approach to service delivery (published 4/12/14)
Government planning and support for housing on Māori land ‒ follow-up article (published 10/12/14)
Ministry for Primary Industries: Managing the Primary Growth Partnership (published 11/2/15)
Response of the New Zealand Police to the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct: Fourth monitoring report (published 19/2/15)
Education for Māori: Relationships between schools and whānau (published 24/2/15)
Inland Revenue Department: Governance of the Business Transformation programme (published 30/4/15)
Whānau Ora: The first four years (published 5/5/15)
Effectiveness of governance arrangements in the arts, culture, and heritage sector (published 27/5/15)
Ashburton District Council: Allegations of conflicts of interest affecting decisions on a second bridge (published 14/10/14)
AgResearch's Future Footprint project (letter published 17/3/15)
Health Promotion Agency – Katherine Rich – Possible conflicts of interest (letter published 14/5/15)
Other reports and studies
From auditor to soldier – Stories of the men who served (published 25/8/14)
Making the most of audit committees in the public sector (published 19/11/14)
Water and roads: Funding and management challenges (published 25/11/14)
Reflections from our audits: Service delivery (published 16/6/15)
Reports funded from output class: Audit and assurance services
State-owned enterprises: Results of the 2012/13 audits (published 30/7/14)
Continuing to improve how you report on your TEI's service performance (letter published 23/10/14)
Challenges facing licencing trusts (published 30/10/14)
Central government: Results of the 2013/14 audits (published 9/12/14)
Local government: Results of the 2013/14 audits (published 26/2/15)
Model financial statements for Crown Entities (published 2/2/15)
Model financial statements for Tier 3 Reporting Entities 2014/15 (published 8/6/15)
Model financial statements for local authorities 2014/15 (published 29/6/15)