Speaker's foreword

Statement of Intent 2012–2015.

In my capacity as Speaker, I am responsible for Vote Audit under the Public Finance Act 1989. I am therefore pleased to introduce the Controller and Auditor-General's Statement of Intent 2012–2015 under Part 4 of the Act.

The Controller and Auditor-General is an Officer of Parliament whose role is to assist Parliament in its scrutiny of executive government, to strengthen the effectiveness, efficiency, and accountability of public sector organisations.

Along with the Estimates of Appropriations for Vote Audit, the Statement of Intent 2012–2015 indicates how the Auditor-General intends to discharge her duties and apply the resources made available to her in the forthcoming financial year. It gives Parliament an appropriate basis for holding the Auditor-General to account for the performance of her Office during 2012/13.

Dr The Rt Hon Lockwood Smith MP
Speaker of the House of Representatives

9 May 2012