Appendix 3: Victoria University of Wellington's outcomes framework

Education sector: Results of the 2011 audits.

The following information is taken from the statement of service performance in Victoria University of Wellington's Annual Report 2011, page 49.

The following table sets out the connections between the Government's long-term strategic direction for tertiary education, Victoria's proposed outcomes, why these are important, what they contribute and the steps needed to achieve them.
Victoria's outcomes framework
New Zealand Government's long-term strategic direction for tertiary education

"Create and share new knowledge that contributes to New Zealand's economic and social development and environmental management."

Tertiary Education Strategy 2010–2015 (TES) page 18
Victoria's high-level outcomes

What is Victoria seeking to influence, over the next three to five years, to create long-term positive change in social state for New Zealanders?
Outcome 1

New knowledge from Victoria's research supports sustainable economic growth and prosperity for New Zealanders.
Outcome 2

A more educated and skilled workforce and society.
Outcome 3

Improved social, cultural and environmental development of New Zealand.

What difference is Victoria making?
High-quality research builds on New Zealand's knowledge base, responds to the needs of the economy and addresses environmental and social challenges. Victoria's graduates raise the skills and knowledge of the current and future workforce to meet labour market demand and social needs. Academic staff contribute to systems of governance and policy that are strong, responsive and value for money.

What is Victoria committed to delivering in a particular year?
The University's annual outputs and the outcomes to which they contribute are detailed in its SFSP. Taken together the outputs and outcomes influence the Government's desired high-level outcomes of economic, social and environmental development.

This SSP reports on the 2011 outputs proposed in the SFSP within the 2011 Investment Plan.

How Victoria is going to do this.
Enhance leadership capability in research, and make appointments that strengthen areas of research excellence. Foster student success, with particular attention paid to students in their first year, and focus on recruiting the best possible students. Recruit and develop people who apply their scholarly and professional expertise to areas that support New Zealand's sustainable economic growth, social development and environmental management.

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