Appendix 1: Functions of the Department of Conservation under the Conservation Act 1987

Department of Conservation: Prioritising and partnering to manage biodiversity.

Under section 6 of the Conservation Act 1987, DOC's primary statutory functions include:

(a) to manage for conservation purposes, all land, and all other natural and historic resources, for the time being held under this Act, and all other land and natural and historic resources whose owner agrees with the Minister that they should be managed by the Department:

(ab) to preserve so far as is practicable all indigenous freshwater fisheries, and protect recreational freshwater fisheries and freshwater fish habitats:

(b) to advocate the conservation of natural and historic resources generally:

(c) to promote the benefits to present and future generations of ... the conservation of natural and historic resources generally ... :

(d) to prepare, provide, disseminate, promote, and publicise educational and promotional material relating to conservation:

(e) to the extent that the use of any natural or historic resource for recreation or tourism is not inconsistent with its conservation, to foster the use of natural and historic resources for recreation, and to allow their use for tourism.