Our recommendations

New Zealand Transport Agency: Delivering maintenance and renewal work on the state highway network.

Our recommendations are listed in the order that they appear in this report.

Recommendations about designing and selecting service delivery models

We recommend that the New Zealand Transport Agency:

  1. prepare, and review on an ongoing basis, specific strategies to encourage more suppliers into professional services work for maintenance and renewal where more competition will increase the quality and value for money of the services provided; and
  2. review at a national level the quality and value for money that the range of service delivery models is delivering throughout the network and determine the circumstances in which each model is likely to promote quality and value-for-money services.

Recommendations about maintaining relationships and monitoring contracts

We recommend that the New Zealand Transport Agency:

  1. introduce measures to ensure that all requirements for the completion of contract performance evaluations are carried out in a consistent and timely way;
  2. carry out a detailed review toward the end of each contract to assess how well the delivery model has delivered in terms of quality and value for money, and to identify any wider lessons that could be drawn from the management and monitoring of the contract and applied to the management of other contracts; and
  3. introduce, and adhere to, procedures to more consistently respond in a timely way to resolve performance issues with its consultants and contractors.

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