Part 2: Structure of this document

The Emissions Trading Scheme - summary information for public entities and auditors.

Because the ETS is complex and its details are still fairly new to many readers, we first provide a summary about the international agreements to reduce “greenhouse gases” (Part 3) and an overview of the ETS (Part 4). We then set out in Part 5 details about how the ETS works for various sectors, including information about:

Part 6 then describes the Government’s transition assistance for various sectors.

Part 7 summarises the work done by the agencies that are responsible for administering the ETS.

Parts 8 and 9 set out our views about how the ETS will affect public entities and how the Government and various public entities will need to account for the ETS.

Finally, Part 10 outlines the issues that need to be considered when auditing public entities in relation to the ETS.

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