Part 7: List of our proposed performance audits and other studies for 2011/12

Annual Plan 2011/12.
  1. Public private partnerships: Overview of experience, learning, and risks for the New Zealand public sector
  2. Financial management within government
  3. Fraud management: Results of our survey of fraud in the public sector
  4. Improving the usefulness of reporting: Identifying cost-effectiveness in local government annual reports
  5. Observations about the state of public entities' performance information
  6. Governance oversight of Auckland subsidiaries
  7. Follow-up of Kiwirail's maintenance and renewal of the rail network*
  8. Special study of a transport-related topic
  9. Public entities' progress in implementing the Auditor-General's recommendations
  10. Follow up on effectiveness of arrangements to check the standard of services provided by rest homes
  11. Biosecurity: Preparedness for, and response to incursions from unwanted organisms
  12. Defence acquisitions
  13. Information communications technology
  14. Ka Hikitia: Māori education strategy 2008-2012
  15. New Zealand Blood Service
  16. Protecting and maintaining our biodiversity and natural ecosystems
  17. Response of the New Zealand Police to the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct: Third monitoring report
  18. Road safety: Enforcement efforts to reduce drink-driving
  19. School governance: How well school boards of trustees plan and review
  20. Demand for water: Auckland region*
  21. Effectiveness of government planning and support for housing on Māori land
  22. Freshwater quality in New Zealand: Effectiveness of management responses*
  23. Ministry of Health and district health boards: Provision of home-based support services for older people*
  24. New Zealand Customs Service: Effectiveness of the customs revenue assurance strategy and programme*
  25. New Zealand Qualifications Authority: Quality assurance and administration of internally assessed standards for the National Certificate of Educational Achievement*
  26. New Zealand Transport Agency: State highway maintenance – Part 2*
  27. Role of teacher registration and initial teacher education course approval processes in ensuring the quality of teaching in New Zealand schools*
  28. The Treasury: Administration of the Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme
  29. Transpower: Managing the national grid*

*From our 2010/11 work programme.

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