Statement of commitments

Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2009.

as at 30 June 2009

This statement records expenditure to which the Office is contractually committed at 30 June 2009.

Non-cancellable operating lease commitments

The Office has long-term operating leases on its premises. The annual property lease payments are subject to regular reviews, ranging from 3-yearly to 9-yearly.

Equipment lease commitments include leases of telephone exchange systems, fax machines, and photocopiers. There are no restrictions placed on the Office by any of its leasing arrangements.


Non-cancellable operating lease commitments
Property lease commitments
1,882 Not later than one year 2,047
1,770 Later than one year and not later than five years 2,439
201 Later than five years 99
3,853 Total property lease commitments 4,585

Equipment lease commitments
33 Not later than one year 169
19 Later than one year and not later than five years 175
- Later than five years -
52 Total equipment lease commitments 344
3,905 Total operating lease commitments 4,929

The accompanying notes form part of these financial statements.

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