Attachment 2: Review Team Members

Report on the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Office of the Auditor-General of New Zealand by an International Peer Review Team.
1. Pat Barrett, AO. B.Ec (Qld), FCPA, FICA, FCIS, FIPAA, FRMIA (Hon).
Senior Fellow, Australian National University
Formerly Auditor-General, Australian National Audit Office (1995-2005)
2. Neil Walter, CNZM. MA (1st Hons) (Auckland), Certificate of Advanced Management, (Cranfield University).
Chair, Environmental Risk Management Authority
Chair, NZ Broadcasting Commission
Formerly Secretary, New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
3. Mark Davies, BA (Leeds). Member CIPFA
Director of Cross-Government Studies, UK National Audit Office
Formerly Private Secretary to the Comptroller and Auditor-General
UK National Audit Office
4. David McKean, B.Ec (Monash) M.Admin (Monash). Member of CPA Australia Director, Yarralumla Consulting Pty Ltd
Formerly Executive Director, Australian National Audit Office
(Team Member undertaking Peer Review of the New Zealand Office of the Auditor-General and Audit New Zealand in 2001)
5. Clyde MacLellan, B. Business Administration (Acadia). Chartered Accountancy Diploma.
Assistant Auditor General, Office of the Auditor-General in Canada
Formerly Lecturer (Accounting and Auditing) Saint Mary’s University (Halifax)
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