Appendix 1: Example of a guidance statement

New Zealand Qualifications Authority: Monitoring the quality of polytechnic education.

The following is an example of a guidance statement used by ITP Quality to show polytechnics how they might comply with academic audit standards. These statements could be used when writing academic audit reports to show how a polytechnic complied with the standards.

Figure 1
Guidance statement: Programme delivery

Guidance statements for programme delivery:
Relevant documented policies and procedural documents
Relevant tutor training and induction outcomes
Appraisal of staff performance
Planned programme delivery
Definition of effective teaching and learning practices as they impact on programme delivery
Systematic student evaluation of teaching, and programme delivery
Appropriate access for staff to relevant delivery materials
Appropriate documented procedures and practices relating to the delivery of mixed mode and e-learning courses and programmes
Memoranda of agreements and contracts with partners/sub-contracted providers that cover all relevant academic aspects including requirements of relevant external bodies and internal policies and assure the improvement of the quality of learning
Retention and completions strategies
Peer review of content and delivery
Student continuity plan in case of sub-contractor failure
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