7.2 Procurement

Local government: Results of the 2005/06 audits.

In June 2001, we published Procurement – A Statement of Good Practice.1 This publication has been well received by public entities. However, local authorities and the entities under their control were excluded from the scope of this statement.

We are updating this statement to reflect changes in good practice in procurement over the past five and a half years.

The updated guidelines will be designed for use by all public sector entities, including local authorities and entities under their control. Late in 2006, we surveyed all local authority chief executives and chief financial officers so that we could take local authority needs and requirements into account in our update.

As with the previous statement, the updated statement will not be a set of rules and will not be a substitute for local authorities developing and maintaining their own procurement policies and guidelines. Rather, we intend that the statement be used as a benchmark by public entities against which to measure their own procurement policies and procedures, and as a guide to the content of their own procurement manual.

We intend to publish the updated statement later in 2007.

1: Available at www.oag.govt.nz/2001/procurement/.

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