6.7 Land information management systems

Local government: Results of the 2005/06 audits.

In our report, Local government: Results of the 2004-05 audits,1 we noted that we proposed a performance audit that would review the systems, policies, and procedures for recording information for Land Information Memoranda (LIMs).

At that time, we noted that there had been anecdotal reports of concerns about the approaches to, and the quality of, recording information for LIMs. We considered that there was potential for a performance audit based on the expectations detailed in the Society of Local Government Managers (SOLGM) legal compliance modules2 and relevant case law.

In mid-2006, we did preliminary scoping in this area and found that the anecdotal concerns that had been raised with us were not widespread. Accordingly, we decided not to proceed with a performance audit in this area.

1: Parliamentary paper B.29[06b], ISBN 0-478-18159-0.

2: SOLGM has developed a legal compliance module on land information memoranda as part of its legal compliance programme.

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