Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology's management of conflicts of interest regarding the Computing Offered On-Line (COOL) programme.

The following terms or abbreviations are used in this report:

BSL: Brylton Software Limited.

BSL information technology platform: This term describes the underlying e-learning system that BSL used to develop the TIME programme and the COOL programme.

COOL programme: Computing Offered On-Line programme – an education software programme developed by the Joint Venture, based on the TIME programme (see below), comprising 4 short courses on computing skills.

CPIT: Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology. CPIT Council: The governing body of CPIT.

CPIT representatives: This term includes employees of CPIT and independent contractors to CPIT.

EFTS: Equivalent Full Time Students. This is one of the bases upon which tertiary education organisations receive funding from the Government.

Joint Venture: This term refers to the unincorporated joint venture that was formed between CPIT and BSL. It is governed by a written agreement dated 7 October 2003.

Joint Venture Committee: The governing body of the Joint Venture.

Partners in Education: The 85 organisations that signed Heads of Agreement with the Joint Venture to market the COOL programme and to act as enrolment centres for students.

TIME programme: Teachers Integrating Microsoft Efficiently programme – an education software programme designed by BSL, comprising 4 short courses on computing skills for secondary school teachers.

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