Annual Plan for the year ending 30 June 2004


This Annual Plan is designed to provide a comprehensive description of the projected performance of the Audit Office for 2003-04. Information is provided about the role and goals of the Office so that the Office's 2003-04 plans can be seen in context. We also set out our proposed future work programme.

Last year we prepared our Annual Plan in keeping with the "Statement of Intent" model. This year, our Annual Plan contains more information on our expectations with respect to outcomes and capability, and clearer statements of the linkages between our outcomes, capability, strategies, and outputs.

In line with our obligations under the Public Audit Act 2001, we have consulted with the House of Representatives over our proposed work programme. The comments we have received have been useful and have been taken into account in producing this Plan.

In accordance with section 36(1) of the Act, we prepared and submitted to the Speaker a draft of this Plan, which the Speaker presented to the House on 28 March 2003. No comments have been received from the Speaker or any committee of the House on either the proposed work programme or the draft annual plan as a whole.

The formulation of our Annual Plan is ongoing and we expect to achieve a steady increase in its quality over the coming year. We will be putting more work and effort into defining our impacts, and into how we can collect reliable and relevant data and information so we can truly measure the difference we make.

Key objectives for 2003-04 are:

  • implementing our governance and risk management framework;
  • preparing our Strategic Business Plan for 2004 to 2007;
  • planning to provide the required capability for changes in our operating environment, particularly in local government; and
  • implementing changes for the appointment of audit service providers resulting from the review of the contestability of annual audits.

K B Brady
Controller and Auditor-General

30 April 2003

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