Taupo District Council - Funding of the Interim Establishment Board and the Lake Taupo Development Trust


This report presents the results of an inquiry we undertook concerning the Taupo District Council’s funding of two entities – The Interim Establishment Board and the Lake Taupo Development Trust. These entities were created in connection with a proposal to establish a university and technology park in Taupo.

Our inquiry was prompted by complaints we received from some local ratepayers who were concerned about the accountability of the two entities to the Council and ratepayers for the Council funding provided to the entities.

We also comment on an issue involving potential conflicts of interest. This concerns the appointment of councillors as trustees of external organisations.

As with previous reports on localised matters, we have attempted to present our findings here in a manner that will provide guidance to local authorities generally.

K B Brady
Deputy Controller and Auditor-General

3 April 2002