Central government and other issues 2001/02


This report completes the matters that we wish to bring to Parliament’s attention – principally relating to the central government portion of our auditing portfolio – arising from our activities during 2000-01.

Some matters also embrace wider-reaching topics, such as in Part One (pages 9-40) that deals with progress in the public sector contribution towards an ‘e-society’.

Part Two (pages 41-48) raises the matter of strategic human resource management as a key aspect of the current emphasis on the organisational capability of government departments and other State sector agencies.

Part Three (pages 49-74) and Part Four (pages 75-91) draw attention to what we consider to be shortcomings in matters of financial management and accountability affecting (respectively) closed or merged schools and the New Zealand Fire Service Commission.

Part Five (pages 93-97) briefly describes the new version of our earlier publication Good Practice for Purchasing by Government Departments. The new version is expanded in its coverage of purchasing considerations (such as e-procurement and different arrangements for the provision of physical assets).

Part Six (on pages 99-126) provides a status report on what follow-up action has taken place, and (in our view) remains to take place, arising from some of our previous reports.

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