Department of Conservation: Administration of the Conservation Services Programme.

This is our report of an inquiry conducted under section 18 of the Public Audit Act 2001.

We decided to conduct the inquiry as a result of a complaint from a body that represents the interests of its shareholding fishing companies and associations. The complaint was supported by specific case studies illustrating the body’s concerns about the way that the Department of Conservation manages the Conservation Services Programme.

Because of the mechanism for funding the cost of the Programme and for recovering the cost from commercial fishers, our inquiry extended to the Ministry of Fisheries.

Administration of the Programme and the recovery of its costs proved to be a complex subject. I acknowledge the assistance and cooperation of staff of both the Department of Conservation and the Ministry of Fisheries.

Our inquiry has resulted in a number of recommendations which I am sure will (if implemented) bring about improvement in the administration of the Programme and alleviate the concerns of the complainant.

K B Brady
Controller and Auditor-General

19 December 2002