Civil Aviation Authority Safety Audits – Follow-up Audit.

This report sets out the results of our follow-up audit of the Civil Aviation Authority’s conduct of safety audits of participants in the civil aviation industry.

We first looked at the subject in 1997 in the context of risk management by the three transport safety authorities – the Civil Aviation Authority, the Land Transport Safety Authority, and the Maritime Safety Authority. We reported the results of that audit to the House of Representatives in our Fourth Report for 1997. Because of the nature of our 1997 findings in relation to the Civil Aviation Authority we decided to carry out a follow-up audit.

We have discussed fully the results of our follow-up audit with the Authority, and have reflected many of the Authority’s comments in this report. Nevertheless, the Authority does not agree with everything that we say in this report.


D J D Macdonald
Controller and Auditor-General

15 December 2000

The full text of this report is available in PDF format (1.2MB).

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