Video transcript: What is performance auditing?

Transcript for a video featuring performance auditors talking about what the job entails.

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Title: What is performance auditing?

Leanne Arker, Senior Performance Auditor

Performance auditing is looking at an agency's operations to see how well they're going.

David Moynahan, Senior Performance Auditor

Performance audits are one of the major outputs that the Office of the Auditor-General produces. It sort of allows us to provide an in-depth assessment.

Karen Wong, Manager, Performance Audit Practice and Methodology

It's not just about how agencies look at their money it's about everything else about what an agency does.

Leanne Arker

Where performance audit fits along with inquiries really is where what's called the discretionary work where we choose the work program, we're funded to do it by Parliament so we can put our attention on things that we think areimportant to the wider state sector and public service.

Evaan Aramakutu, Manager, Performance Audit

It's important for Parliament to know that an entity that could be spending hundreds of millions of public money is actually achieving the things, achieving the results that they're making that investment for.At the core of it the performance audit that we do at the OAG is still about evaluating evidence and making judgments.

Leanne Arker

Our job is to tell it like it is – here's what we found, here's what's good, here's what could improve.

David Moynahan

I regularly have meetings with senior public servants and even politicians who are genuinely interested in our assessment of how the public sector is performing. They listen to us and they act on what we recommend. As an independent Officer of Parliament you know that there's a lot of weight behind us and we are able to provide some real positive impact to help the public services run.

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