Video transcript: Performance Auditing: A public sector job full of variety

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Title: Performance Auditing: A public sector job full of variety

Karen Wong, Manager, Performance Audit Practice and Methodology

One of the interesting things about the job is that you learn about so many areas because you go in and you have to learn about the area, but what we bring to it is the understanding of performance audit and a way of asking questions and having that independent view.

David Moynahan, Senior Performance Auditor

We get to sort of take a deep dive look at how the government is performing in a particular area and then, in many cases, provide an assessment of how they can improve it.

Karen Wong

The most surprising thing about being a performance auditor is the range of things that you might get to work on. I didn't necessarily expect that. Over the time that you're performance auditor you might work on water management one day and then you're looking at transport. You have a real opportunity I think to understand how the public sector works in quite a different way than you do when you're working inside an agency which I guess many people that come and work here have already done.

Leanne Arker, Senior Performance Auditor

So we get a lot of variety and it's a lot of fun.

David Moynahan

Throughout my time here at the Office I have worked with chief executives, I have worked with frontline staff. You're not going to get a more varied job and a wider overview of the public service as well as a strong set of skills that you can apply to everything you do.

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