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Transcript for a video about our report Earthquake Commission: Managing the Canterbury Home Repair Programme - follow-up audit.

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Title: Earthquake Commission: Managing the Canterbury Home Repair Programme - follow-up audit

David Press (Senior Performance Auditor):

In 2013, we published a report looking at how well EQC was managing the home-repair programme in Christchurch, and we identified some areas where improvements could be made to the programme. We made five recommendations relating to those things. This report looks at how well EQC has implemented those recommendations to improve the programme. [Image of report cover.]

We found that with the improvements EQC has made to its management of the home-repair programme that it's continued to managed the cost of repairs well, it's continued to get a high level of customer satisfaction when it surveys customers on completion of the repairs to their homes, and health and safety is being continued to be managed well in the programme. But the programme has taken longer than planned and there have been some repairs in the programme that have not met the requirements of the Building Code. And although efforts have been made to try and start work in the programme sooner for vulnerable people, overall, repairs to vulnerable people's homes have not been completed any sooner than for other customers.

We all hope that there's no need for another home-repair programme, but in the unfortunate event that another home-repair programme is required in the future, it's important that the lessons from this home-repair programme are identified and recorded. EQC has started to do that and is doing a good job doing that.

Importantly, overall, it's recognised that the length of time and the complex process for resolving claims in the programme has contributed to some homeowner distress. EQC has identified some areas that could be improved and would help a home-repair programme to operate better in the future. These include better communication with homeowners, better information and systems, working more with organisations with expertise in working with people, and better planning. It's important that even though the home-repair programme is nearing completion that EQC provides the best possible service to the homeowners who are still waiting for repairs to be completed to their homes.

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