Useful guides for audit committees

Here is a list of links to useful guides that governors have given us...

New Zealand-specific guidance

Other useful material for generic principles, tools, and ideas

The Australian National Audit Office has published two guides for audit committees in the Australian public sector. A lot of their advice can also be applied to audit committees in New Zealand:

HM Treasury has published an Audit and Risk Assurance Committee Handbook  to assist boards with setting their organisation’s risk appetite and ensuring that controls are in place to manage risk within this.

PwC has produced an evaluation guide for independent boards

KPMG’s Audit Committee Institute New Zealand provides information, resources, and knowledge-sharing opportunities through a variety of forms, surveys, and publications. It helps audit committee members and their boards enhance the effectiveness and integrity of the financial reporting process.

KPMG’s Audit Committee Institute USA includes links to webcasts and podcasts with information that is relevant to audit committees. They also have useful articles, such as:

  • Understanding and Articulating Risk Appetite, which gives a more detailed explanation of risk appetite;
  • On the 2015 Audit Committee Agenda, which draws on insights from recent survey work and interactions with audit committees and business leaders throughout the year and flags ten things that audit committees should keep in mind as they consider and carry out their 2015 agendas; and
  • On the 2015 Board agenda, which draws on insights from their interactions with directors and business leaders over the previous 12 months and flags eight things that boards should keep in mind as they consider and carry out their 2015 agendas.

KPMG’s Audit Committee Institute UK also includes useful publications, such as:

Page last updated: 16 January 2017