Using total assurance pictures

KPMG was requested to assist a public entity with providing potential options for the entity towards developing a fit-for-purpose total assurance delivery model.

This involved two key phases of work to achieve the objective:

  1. Completing a current state analysis of the existing total assurance services provided across the entity.
  2. Using better known practices, identified potential options for developing a fit-for-the-purpose total assurance model. These included considering the types of assurance the entity needs, options for delivery based on good practice principles, and how activities would be co-ordinated throughout the entity to provide a consistent approach.

The options provided key areas for the entity’s leadership to consider how total assurance will be provided with a consistent and co-ordinated approach. This means that cost savings will be delivered, as areas of duplicated assurance will be eliminated.

The value to this public entity in undertaking this engagement was to fully record all the total assurance services being provided. They were fully aware that all parts of the business were receiving various forms of assurance but it was never captured and recorded in one place.