Guidance for members of local authorities about the law on conflicts of interest.
This document has been superseded: see the 2010 edition

In 1995, we published a guide on the Local Authorities (Members’ Interests) Act 1968 for the assistance of members and management of local authorities. The content covered the law relating to pecuniary interests of local authority members and their ability to contract with their own local authority.

Every three years since then, prior to the triennial local authority elections, we have published a revised edition, with new comment and emphasis resulting from our ongoing experience of practical issues that arise. Our most recent edition, in August 2004, extended the material included to cover aspects of non-pecuniary conflicts of interest.

This update of our 2004 edition, directed at members of local authorities, is being published at the same time as companion guidance for entities in the public sector generally – Managing conflicts of interest: Guidance for public entities. The two publications together provide a comprehensive coverage of issues relating to conflicts of interest, which I trust will be of assistance to members and officials of all public entities.



K B Brady
Controller and Auditor-General

14 February 2007

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