The types of issues we look at

Our work | Inquiries

Our role as auditors of public entities affects how we select matters for inquiries, in two ways.

  • First, we can only look at issues relating to public entities. We have no role in relation to the activities of private individuals or private sector organisations. If a private organisation is receiving funding from a public entity, we can look at how the public entity is managing the funding relationship but not at what the private organisation is doing.
  • Second, our focus is on the way public entities use their resources, including financial, governance, management and organisational issues. The Auditor-General's office is not an avenue for resolving individual complaints or concerns about how a public entity has handled a particular matter.

We examine each request to decide the most appropriate way to proceed. We identify whether the matters might include:

  • financial impropriety;
  • problems with the organisation’s overall governance or management; or
  • other systemic or significant concerns that may be important for the organisation, the sector it operates in, or the general public.

Other factors we consider include how serious the issues are and whether the issues may be better addressed through other avenues.

Page last updated: 27 April 2017