South Waikato District Council

Auditing the Future: 2009

South Waikato District Council is a small to mid-sized district council, serving a population of about 24,000. Forestry and agricultural industries dominate the district, with almost half of the district covered in forest. With three main townships in the district, the South Waikato District Council must manage the tensions of providing for both rural and urban needs.

South Waikato District Council’s LTCCP has a comprehensive introductory section that provides a good context for the reader. The introduction provides helpful disclosures that set out the strategic context to the South Waikato District Council’s intended actions described in the LTCCP. The main features are:

  • the relationship of the South Waikato District Council’s intended strategy implementation to district, regional, national, and even international drivers; and
  • a district “report card” that includes a useful summary of how the community feels and perceives its strengths and the issues it faces.

The introduction to the LTCCP also includes other useful disclosures that provide background and context for the reader of the LTCCP. These are:

  • high-level progress against the main issues that were identified in the 2004-14 LTCCP; and
  • a summary of the results of consultation on the 2006-16 Statement of Proposal containing the draft LTCCP and how it affected the final adopted LTCCP.

The LTCCP summarises the major projects and programmes the South Waikato District Council intends to carry out during the period of the LTCCP. It analyses whether physical works projects and non-asset based programmes constitute maintenance, increase in levels of service, or a new project or programme. The South Waikato District Council further defines the projects or programmes it intends to carry out and how these contribute to the identified community outcomes. The LTCCP also notes other agencies and organisations that contribute to achieving these outcomes. The LTCCP states how the South Waikato District Council intends to monitor the achievement of the outcomes.

The South Waikato District Council recognises the ethnic mix of the community in its LTCCP through noting its relationship with Māori and the separate outcomes sought by the Raukawa Trust Board.

The group of activity statements contain detailed and important information. They contain information about asset use and levels of service, and also valuably outline the strategic issues and specific factors affecting each activity. Other good features of the group of activity statements are:

  • the intention to use a broad range of measures to assess levels of service and activity dimensions during the period of the LTCCP; and
  • reasonably detailed analysis of the negative effects on the four well-beings and mitigation strategies.
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