Hurunui District Council

Auditing the Future: 2009

Hurunui District Council (Hurunui) is a small and predominantly rural district council with a strong focus on maximising the benefits of tourism in the district. Hurunui has expressed a desire to balance the opportunities in tourism with prudent and conservative planning to avoid increases in rates.

The main strength of Hurunui’s LTCCP is in the area of community outcomes. The LTCCP clearly sets out the process Hurunui used to establish the community outcomes. The LTCCP also clearly shows how the community outcomes will be achieved and measured. The community outcomes and the process described to arrive at the six high-level outcomes reflect the requirements of section 91 of the Act. Hurunui used an initial phase of consultation to establish its priorities. It then used a second phase of consultation to provide confirmation of the indicated priorities. This seems to be an effective process.

In our view, Hurunui has effectively indicated how the community outcomes will be approached at a ward level. It has set out priorities, major challenges, important assumptions, and the main projects.

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