Paula Martin

Assistant Auditor-General, Strategy and Communications

Paula Martin joined the Office of the Auditor-General in April 2020. She leads the Office’s Strategy and Communications Group, which supports the leadership team with strategy development, co-ordinating cross-Office planning processes, and providing centralised monitoring and reporting of our work programme and business plan. The group plays a key role in supporting new governance arrangements and improvements to project and programme management across the Office.

Paula’s group also includes the communications and engagement teams. Their work includes providing communications advice, producing the Office’s reports and multimedia, liaising with the media, managing our social media channels, and maintaining the Office’s websites.

Paula has more than 25 years’ experience in public policy roles, including senior management, strategy, policy analysis, budget processes, and research and evaluation. She has a PhD in Public Policy from Victoria University of Wellington and has worked in central government, district health boards, other Crown entities, academia, on inquiries and reviews, and with a variety of non-governmental organisations.

Page created: 15 May 2020