Corporate documents

The list below includes all of the documents about our organisation and how it operates. The most recent documents are at the top. 

The list includes our annual plans and annual reports, reviews of us by other audit offices, and our strategic planning documents.

The Auditor-General's Auditing Standards

March 2011: ISBN 978-0-478-32690-1 (print), ISBN 978-0-478-32691-8 (online). This version of The Auditor-General's Auditing Standards is no longer the authoritative version and has been removed to avoid confusion. Please see instead the 2014 edition of the The Auditor-General's Auditing Standards.

2008 Peer Review of our Office

Report on the Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Office of the Auditor-General of New Zealand by an International Peer Review Team, published in March 2008...